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Smudge Outward Private Limited is a uniform manufacturers & supplier to industries like Education, Corporate, Health, Aviation, Hospitality & Industrial.


It has always been our pledge to dedicate our efforts to provide fashion forward designs. We are committed to providing our customer the best garments available.


We understand the importance of uniforms in Branding. Uniforms today represent the corporate identity of an organization making it an integral part of everyday business, it is important to wear uniforms made of exceptional quality, fabric and design. Uniforms made by us would suit the professional image of your organization. An employee wearing a uniform showcases the behaviour of the organization on the whole and not just himself. Hence it's vital to take uniforms seriously.

As one of the uniform manufacturing companies we maintain high quality standards according to international parameters.


We offer end to end solutions in this regard. Right from the stage of designing, sampling, measurements of sizes, to actual production all aspects will be handled professionally.

We use high quality reputed machinery to provide exceptional quality and design that is a clear symbol of our perfection and elegance.


Our Commitment

Smudge Outward Private Limited is very dedicated towards its commitment of offering unique and suitable uniform to all our clients, we believe in offering following factors:

·         Value for product

·         Competitive pricing.

·         Worthy Product Rates & Have a comprehensive range.

·         Highly dedicated and professional team.

·         Value -Added Services & Products.

·         Attractive and flexible uniforms

·         Adoc response on any query.

·         Detailed quotation within a day of enquiry.

·         Free pre-production samples presented for approval with every order before proceeding with bulk production.

·         Individual Orders can be tracked

·         All orders delivered on time, every time.

·         Provide prompt delivery.

·         Tailor the design according to customer preferences

·         24/7 Online Support




To be the global leader in the uniform apparel business by providing our customers superior quality, compliance and value.


To create a global brand in the uniform apparel business.


  • Clients are our greatest strength.
  • Valuing all our clients equally.
  • Committing to excellence.
  • Importance of teamwork.
  • Providing the best quality products.